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Ensure returns in an uncertain world.

If you’re a landlord with unused space, we could be the perfect match. Yoooserv offers management agreements — a stable, profitable alternative to a traditional lease.

We’ll work alongside you to generate top returns over the course of the agreement, giving you stability, transparency and an improved bottom line.

Fast, risk-free money

Whether you’re a solopreneur, three-person operation or a fast-growing team, we’ve got the perfect workspace for you.

Independently owned

We’ve been working in the property business for over 20 years, and know what it takes to deliver exceptional service.

Growing fast

We offer five hand-picked, exclusive locations — each with its own individual vibe, inspired by the surroundings.

Secure and stable

Despite the economic climate, we’ve got secure funding and a profitable business model that means we can continue to grow.


Benefits of working with YoooServ

Spaces for better business

Our premium serviced offices are designed to help workers thrive — they’re places to feel at home and do incredible work.

Long-term partnership

We offer 10-year agreements, profit share after all costs and rent are paid, and an agreed allocation of income.

Investing together

We invest a percentage of capital to create flex products, with no startup costs or fixed management fees. We recover our costs from income generated.

Transparent relationship

We’re fully transparent with comprehensive forecasting and reporting, no hidden costs or markups and full right of audit.

Great returns

See double-digit returns compared to traditional lease models, providing a fast way to recover costs if you have too much space.

Quick setup

We’ll have the space ready within 20-24 weeks from when we first visit. So you’ll see returns fast.

No conflict

We don’t have competing leases and committed rent cheques to worry about. Our only concern is generating returns for you.